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Delivery Service

Delivery Time

Choose a time slot when you will be available to receive your order.

Orders placed before 10:00am can be delivered on the same day between 12:00pm to 4:00pm or 5:00pm to 9:00pm


Orders placed before 3:00pm can be delivered on the same day between 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Orders placed after 3:00pm will not be delivered the same day and will be delivered the next day.


Deliveries within 3km of the store can be delivered within 1 hour.

Delivery Area

We deliver all over Shanghai and surrounding areas and have our own fleet of vehicles to handle deliveries to our customer.



Delivery Service

After receiving your order, we will retrieve the dried goods and fresh products. Next, we will get the refrigerated and cold items ready, which we keep cool using dried ice and ice packs in an isolation box. In this manner, we can guarantee the quality and freshness of your products when delivered.


Packing Up Your Order

The team at Times Grocery will carefully pack your order in several boxes. We put fresh produce, food and nonfood products separately, in carton boxes, and keep the cold and frozen products in isolation boxes with dry ice and ice-packs. We use these to keep the frozen and cold products adequately chilled for approximately 8 hours. If your delivery has this sticker on the isolation box, then this box contains dry ice. Make sure to read the dry ice warning on the box and handle it properly.

Delivery is Ready

We receive many boxes from our suppliers, and when they are still in good shape, these boxes will be recycled and reused for packaging to protect your products for delivery. You will either receive our Times Grocery box or one of our suppliers' boxes.

As we are working on sustainability and recycling packaging, we encourage you to return the ice-packs and carton boxes after receiving your order. We are glad to reuse and recycle them for you.

Please inform our customer service team if you will return the ice-packs/carton boxes, and the drivers will collect them from you at your next delivery.


Professional Delivery Vehicles

The dedicated drivers at Times Grocery will deliver your order with our professional delivery vehicles.

We will communicate with you about when your order will arrive so you can arrange it better to receive your delivery on time. When we reach your home, we will leave your order at the compound entrance or on your doorstep and will notify you. But if by any chance or circumstance a customer cannot retrieve their order at the time of delivery, our delivery staff will leave it at a suitable reception area, compound entrance, or at the doorstep, and inform the customer. 



Professional Delivery Truck, Cold Chain Distribution

We have a professional delivery truck that adopts cold chain distribution of refrigerated and frozen products, which improves the food preservation capacity, and reduces product circulation loss. The nutrition, taste and shelf life of the food will not be affected. Cold chain distribution meets our customers' high standard requirement for fresh food.


Payment Options

We support Cash, Wechat Pay, Alipay, Paypal and Bank Cards.


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