Q:  Which area do you deliver

A: We deliver all over Shanghai and surrounding areas. We have our own professional fleet of vehicles to handle deliveries to customers. We also work closely with third-part logistics platforms to ensure that customers receive goods on time.


Q:  Are there any delivery fees?

A: Delivery will be free of charge if your online order is or over RMB 199. For orders less than RMB 99, a fee of RMB 49 will be charged.


Q:When can I expect the delivery?

A: For orders in Shanghai , we provide flexible delivery time since we have independent logistics.The delivery is expected to arrive in one day at your requested time if an order is placed before 10:00 am and 15:00 pm.A one-hour delivery is also possible for the orders within 3km of our physical stores.( If you have any questions of whether you're within 3km,feel free to contact our customer service.)Advanced orders are available as well.

For orders in other cities near Shanghai, we use a third-party express company to deliver your goods to you. This will take several days to arrive at your address. We will notify about the status of your delivery.


Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: We support WeChat Pay, Alipay , PayPal, VISA, MaterCard and Credit Card. Plus,we also support the payment method of cash on delivery.


Q: How do you make sure your products quality?

Product quality is ensured from three aspects. First of all, the SGS food safety test, which includes a range of food safety and sanitation tests that can be proven to meet hygienic requirements, is applied to test our products. Our QC team regularly test our fresh food through SGS to ensure our food safety and hygiene. Long-term testing results show that our food is fully compliant with SGS standards.
Beside SGS test, The choice of suppliers is very important and we are very cautious in our selection of suppliers. Our suppliers are certified and have a perfect financial system, legal product compliance, and qualification certification. A long-term and stable relationship with high-quality suppliers determines the quality of our products and our competitive prices.
Product quality is also ensured by Advanced ERP management system. ERP has significant features such as integration, systematicness, flexibility and real-time control. The ERP system enables our company to take a more flexible approach to the warehouse management and performs batch management for each batch of purchases in a synchronous, agile and real-time way. Therefore, issues such as expiration backlogs are prevented. Therefore customers receive the freshest products.
Product quality is one of our main priority.

The SGS food safety test, reliable suppliers and ERP management system are our recipe to product quality.

Q:  How do we request a Fapiao?

 A: You can request a Fapiao under the Notes/Remark section when placing an order and our customer service staff will arrange the Fapiao to be delivered to you.

You can also send an email to service@timesgrocery.cn to request a Fapiao.


Q: Do you have a physical storefront?

A: We have three stores in China

1.Tianjin Store

   S-018, Royal Palace, Second Avenue, TianJin China

2.Shanghai Jinfeng Store

   Lane 569, YunLe Rd No.1, Unit 137, Shanghai China

3.Shanghai Huangyang Store

   No.57 HuangYang Rd, Pudong, Shanghai China

We welcome all customers to visit our branches and interact with our in-store staff. Our branches offer a full range of products and regularly host interesting tastings.
Come visit us!


Q: What’s your advantage?

A: With over 20-year-experience in imported products, we have extensive knowledge of our customers eating habits and popular product brands.  Furthermore, we have a wide range of products. Produce, frozen food, diary, beverages, meat, household products and body care etc are available in our online store. Products we import are mainly from European countries such as Italy, Germany, France, and Spain and other countries like Mexico and US.
Plus, with extensive relationships with well-known and stable suppliers and brands, we are the only Chinese distributor of some popular brands such as General Mills and Mother Earth. Not only do we have more than 7000 products, but also our prices of popular imported goods are  competitive and fair.


Q: What should I do if I have a question about the item I received?

A: Please contact our customer service staff in time to let us know your questions.

If the goods are damaged in any way, please take a photo and contact our customer service staff. Our team will be in touch with you.

For  Produce/Fresh products, relevant complaint should be within 24 hours. For Manufacture/Factory Prepackaged food/products, relevant complaint should be within one week.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our staff at the email below:

Customer Service work phone: 02166080572

Customer Service Email:  service@timesgrocery.cn


Q: If we want to give feedback, who should we contact?

A: If you have any suggestions, please contact our customer service staff any time at the number or email below:

Customer Service Phone: 021-660805721

Customer Service Email: service@timesgrocery.cn

For other PR or marketing opportunities, feel free to contact our marketing staff at the email below:

Marketing Team: marketing@timesgrocery.cn


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